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Fall Season to Start August 15th

The Fall Season start date is being pushed back a week to August 15th. This will give the teams more time to practice prior to the first game. We are also working through the Governor's new restrictions with the Park District and with the cancelation of some fall sports, we have had numerous late registrations to help fill up teams. We will also have shirts and hats in time with the new additions.


PAC will have the following guidelines in place for the upcoming season to keep the members as safe as possible:


  • Dugouts will be extended so please bring chairs for your players to sit on.
  • Teams will be provided with 2 sets of catchers gear and will allow for only 2 catchers per game unless another player owns his own set of gear. The gear will be cleaned after each game by the manager.
  • Umpires will call balls and strikes from behind the pitcher mound at all levels.
  • No sharing of equipment will be allowed. Please make sure your player has their own helmet, glove and bat for each game.
  • No team water jugs will be allowed. Please pack water bottles for your player.
  • No sunflower seeds or spitting will be allowed.
  • Only one coach per team allowed at home plate for the pre game meeting. No players will be allowed to be involved in the pregame meeting.
  • Parents, please set up down the 1st and 3rd baselines and in the out field to watch the game. From home plate to the dugouts will be for players only. Please maintain 6 feet of social distance when setting up.
  • Concession stand will be open and each worker will have a mask on at all times.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned before and after games on weeknights and every two hours on Saturdays.
  • If you or your player have a temperature over 99 degrees, please stay home for the safety of others.


We are looking forward to the start of the Fall Season and can't wait to see everyone at the park. Thanks.

Fall Season Update

With the announcement made by the Governor earlier today, baseball and softball are considered a low risk sport and based on the guidelines will allow us to move forward with the season. We have expanded the dugouts at Four Seasons and Ottawa and will look to do the same for games played at Botts Park. The umpires will call balls and strikes from behind the pitchers mound. All other details are located on the website at We are working with the park district and will announce any additional news as it becomes available.


All drafts have been completed with the exception of the Colt Division. Colt Division will be finalized soon. If you have not been contacted by your team manager, please email registration at Thanks.

Fall Registration has Closed

Fall Registration has closed.  If you are interested in playing this fall, please email Kary Pekarek at to see if we have any additional spots available for the fall season.  Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone back at the parks.

Return To Play Guidelines

COVID-19 Return-to-Play Guidelines, Procedures and Recommendations


1.  PAC Encourages all players, coaches, parents and event attendees to take their temperature prior to leaving for practice or a game and stay home if a temperature is over 99.9 degrees.  Once you arrive to the complex, please practice social distancing.

2.  Any person who is experiencing symptoms of sickness will be prohibited from attending the event/venue of play.

3.  All posted and published local- and state-regulated guidelines will be followed.

4. We will try and minimize player contact by eliminating team/player handshakes and team/player high fives.

5. In dugouts, discontinue use of water coolers that are provided by tournaments, parks or teams. Players should bring their own, personal cooler instead of using a team cooler. Players must bring an individual water bottle clearly labeled with their name.

6. Players are not allowed to share any equipment.  Each player should have their own helmet, glove and bat.

7. It is encouraged to please keep attendance to immediate family only. 

8. Spectators must be 6 feet apart when setting up to watch the game.  Most fields will require the parents to set up past the 1st and 3rd base dugout and in the outfield. Bleachers will be taped off and not available for use at any game.  Please bring your own chairs.

9. Games at Four Seasons Park – West Parking lot for games scheduled on field 2, 5, 6 and 7.  East Parking Lot off Frontage Road for games on Field 3, 4 and 10.  Any games scheduled on Field 1 will park in the South Parking Lot.

10. All games will follow the guidelines set in the PAC Handbook for no new innings after a certain time and the hard stop time.

11. No postgame coaches meeting if a game is scheduled after yours.  Once game is complete, please clean out dugout and exit to the parking lot.

12. Concession stand will be open.  

13. The managers meeting at home plate should be limited to one coach from each team plus the umpire. No players at plate meeting. We will try to eliminate the meeting if possible.

14. Umpires will call balls and strikes 6 feet behind the pitcher’s mound and will be encouraged to wear masks.  Only 1 umpire per game to limit the number of people on the field.

15. Coaches and players will be encouraged to wear masks in the dugout only.


16. Sun Flower Seeds will not be allowed.

17. Allow teams to spread players out; expand the dugout area when room permits and only if player safety will not be compromised. Expansion of the team dugouts should not be done into foul ball areas. Attempt to limit bench personnel to essential team personnel. Player dugout will be expanded from 1st or 3rd base dugout to home plate. Please bring a chair for your player to sit in as not all kids will fit in the dugouts at Four Seasons, Ottawa and Four Seasons West.


18. If a player or coach becomes COVID-19 positive, they must provide proof of a negative test before being allowed to play or coach again. 


19. We encourage parents to supply their players with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer for cleaning hands between innings.


20. Allow players to wear PPE items if they choose, as long as the items do not compromise the safety of any and all participants in the game.

21. Require teams to clean their dugout of all trash and other items after each game, and to wipe down (clean) hard surfaces such as benches, bat racks, etc.  

22. Upon arriving at a dugout for the first time, teams are to disinfect hard surface areas (benches, bat racks, etc.).

23. Each team will be issued 2 sets of catchers gear which will allow for only 2 catchers per game, unless another player has their own gear.  The gear will be disinfected after each game.


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